Using Templates

Premast offers various templates to kickstart your designs. Here's how to use them

When creating your presentation, you always need to visualize your information with different types of slides! Use our slide template to show your data in a perfect way.

Use Slides & Templates

Insert individual slides from our templates into your presentation.

1- On Plugin " PowerPoint & Google Slides

  • Find your preferred slide by selecting any category or searching for your keywords from the templates section

  • Click on the selected template and wait for a second, the template will be added after the selected slide in your document PowerPoint document

Don't worry if the slide colors are different from your presentation theme, all our templates are based on the PowerPoint color Theme, so when you add the slide to your presentation its colors will change to your presentation Theme automatically

2- On Platform

  • Visit the Templates section on the platform. Search and select your preferred template.

  • Download the individual slides or full templates to your device and start customizing them using our plugin.

  • Based on your subscription plan you can upgrade after reaching the download limit to increase that limit and unlock the premium features.

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