Features and Functionality

Common questions about Premast's features

How do I get started with Premast?

Sign up for an account, log in, explore templates, and use the plugin to customize them. Learn more

How Can I install the Premast Plus add-in inside PowerPoint?

To install Premast plugin please follow these steps.

How do I customize a presentation template in Premast?

After selecting and downloading templates from our templates library you can use install the plugin to start customizing them.

Is it possible to import existing presentations into Premast?

Yes, you can import presentations from PowerPoint or Google Slides. Know more

What are the advantages of using Premast over traditional presentation software?

Access to a wide range of templates and design assets, brand consistency, and collaboration features. Read more about our solutions.

How do I manage my brand assets in Premast?

Customize your presentations and maintain a consistent brand identity. See step by step

Do I need to download software for Premast, or is it entirely web-based?

Premast is a web-based platform. You don't need to download any software. Also, you can install the plugin inside PowerPoint & Google Slides in easy steps.

Can I edit illustrations in Premast?

With Premast plugin, you can customize all graphics on PowerPoint and Google Slides to align with your brand guidelines. Know how to install the plugin. All illustrations on Premast are editable. Select an item, click "convert it into shapes", ungroup it, and make your desired edits. Check out the tutorial for more details.

Are Premast items available on a website?

Yes, you can explore all premast items on Premast website. Also, you can manage all your presentation assets on the platform.

Do you offer Premast on Google Slide?

Yes, you can use the plugin on both software Google Slides and PowerPoint

Could you create a template that I can use multiple times?

Sure! You can just let us help you to create your presentation based on your needs! Just share your references. Therefore, you can use and customize it using our plugin multiple times. Request your design Now.

Are you offering the source files in an editable format?

Absolutely. Everything in PowerPoint, PDF, Keynote, or Google Slides format is fully editable, so no need to be a design expert. You can choose any item and download it then you can customize it through our plugin. Explore all templates. We also can help you with any template customization based on your needs. Learn more

Is there a free trial for a new user?

You can Start for free and access all free templates and graphics and use the Plugin for PowerPoint and Google Slides and more features! Until you want to upgrade to our premium plans. Create a free account

Can I edit your templates by myself?

Yes! You can even master it; all our elements are fully editable. You can add photos easily as we provide our templates with photo placeholders. There are also color palettes to choose what fit your desire and your brand guidelines. Visit our YouTube channel for more helpful tutorials.

How many devices can we install Premast Plugin on?

Premast Plugin works on (Mac, Windows, and online) You can check out the supported version from this link

You can install it on any number of devices you like but you can only log in from three devices at the same time.

Any plans to offer Premast on Keynote?

Keynote does not have the ability to use software plugins...But we are working now on another solution for Mac OS which can be used on Keynote somehow

Is there any limit to using Premast during a certain period of time?

No limits. Download and use the item as much as you want based on your plan limits. Check subscription details.

There are any business Icons and graphics?

Yes, If you are looking for Business-related items, we prepared tons of Business assets and other categories to fit your needs such as (Templates - Graphics - Icons ) find them on our library assets.

How can I unzip product files?
  • How to unzip product files on a PC

1- Double-click the compressed folder to open it.

2- If you want to extract a single file or folder, drag it from the compressed folder to a new location.

3- If you want to extract the entire contents of the compressed folder, right-click the folder and select Extract All.

4- In the Extract Compressed (Zipped) Folders window, select a location where you want to save the extracted files and folders.

Click Extract.

  • How to unzip product files on Mac

1- Double-click the .zip file.

2- The compressed folder will be opened.

3- Drag the product folder or product file from the compressed folder to a new location.

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