Personal Library

Organize your Presentation assets


Upload your own presentations or ready-made templates to the Premast cloud and access them from anywhere, or through the Premast plugin within PowerPoint and Google Slides.

  • Visit your Library

  • Click on + New to upload folders & files from your device


Sort your templates, elements, and brand assets.

Organize Presentation Files, Templates, and Images: Effortlessly organize all your presentation assets in one centralized location. Create nested folders to categorize your files and keep everything neatly arranged.

  • Visit your Library

  • You can add as many nested folders as you need to keep everything organized.


Share your assets with team members.

Collaborate and Share with Your Team: Share your presentation assets with your team members, enabling seamless collaboration and teamwork.

  • Visit your Library

  • Grant access and permissions, ensuring everyone has the right level of involvement.

Folder management

Keep your library tidy with folders.

Folder Organization and Nested Folders: Take advantage of our robust folder organization system.

  • Visit your Library

  • Rename, move, and change the colors of your folder as you need.


Enjoy the convenience of accessing your presentation assets directly from within PowerPoint and Google Slides.

  • After adding a folder or files to your Library

  • Open the plugin on PowerPoint or Google Slides

  • Click on Files

  • Our plugin integrates seamlessly, allowing you to browse and import your assets without leaving your presentation workspace.

Click here to learn more about the user library and other Premast features.

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