Premast Support


Any plans to offer Premast Plus on Google Slide?

Yes, Premast Plus will be on Google Plus soon enough, as a team we are working on the Google slide version right now.

Any plans to offer Premast Plus on Keynote?

Keynote does not have the ability to use software plugins...But we are working now on another solution for Mac OS which can be used on Keynote somehow

Are Premast Plus items available on a website?

Next step, we are working on this as a priority and it will be released this year.

Is there any limit to using Premast Plus during a certain period of time?

No there isn't, you can use it as many times as you like and download the item as much as you can once you install it.

Can I edit illustrations in Premast Plus?

Yes sure illustrations on Premast Plus are fully editable, you can select the item you want and click on "convert it into shapes" then ungroup it and you can edit it. or you can check this detailed tutorial

Can I become a vendor on Premast Plus?

You totally can, just contact us on [email protected] and we will inform you of the exact steps to become a one

Why does the login panel inside PowerPoint keep rejecting my password?

You can make sure that your email and password are correct and don't use any caps letter in the email field. If you are still facing this issue please email us at [email protected] and we will follow up with you to fix your issue.

How Can I install the Premast Plus add-in inside PowerPoint?

Step 1: Set up your account

If you don't have an account on click here and create your account, Or you can signup from the add-in itself after installing it If you already have an account skip this step and go to step 2

Step 2: Add Premast Plus Add-in to Microsoft PowerPoint

Here you can download and install the add-in directly from Microsoft AppSource: You can also get Premast Plus by going to the "Insert" tab in PowerPoint, click on "Get add-ins" and search for Premast Plus. Click on "Add" and the add-in will get installed.
When the add-in has been installed successfully, you will find it in the ribbon under the "Home" tab in PowerPoint and Word. Please make sure that your PowerPoint version is Supported from here

Step 3: Log in with your account

- Add-in login

After the add-in added to Powerpoint Open it from the "Home" tab, Log in with your account email and password you just created
If you want to save your login data check the "Remember me" box so that every time you open the add-in it will log in automatically
For more details check this article

There are any business Icons & Graphics?

Yes, If you are looking for Business-related items, we prepared tons of Business assets and other more categories to fit your needs such as (Templates - Graphics - Icons ) find them on our library assets.

How can I reset my password?

If you forget your password, simply you can go here, to rest it, and enter your email>> click on “Send Link”, then you will receive an email that helps you to reset your password.

How can I cancel my Subscription?

We are sorry to see you go! If you want to cancel your subscription go to your account>> Account settings >> cancel plan When you cancel your subscription you’ll be converted to the free plan immediately, and you can just use the all free plan features

When will my subscription renew?

Your subscription automatically will be renewed and be bullied each month on the same day you are subscribed.

What is the Payment method?

You can make your payments safely with our secured partner Paddle and all your payment data is hosted securely by Paddle. We haven't any access to this data, also you can pay using your bank

Will you store my credit card information?

Actually, we haven’t any access to your credit card information and all your payment data is hosted by our secured payment provider Paddle.

Can I change my payment method?

Sure, anytime you can go to To update your billing method easily go to your account >> Account Settings>> Click on update my payment method Then choose your new payment method bank card or PayPal >> update new payment information.