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General FAQs

How can Premast Help me?

If presentations are your way to communicate and your business depends on them. you may face the usual hassle of creating professional designs in a short manner of time. It's not easy to access visual assets that meet your vision, nor put everything together. That's why Premast is the way to go to master presentation designs and create branded content. Where there are multiple options of ready-made templates on Premast templates and full accessibility and customizing using Premast Plus

Who can use Premast?

Premast helps users to design presentations such as (Agencies, Business Owners, Educators, students, consultants, freelancers, marketers, content creators, and designers) and we are looking forward to enabling them & more people to manage, share and create branded content with our new stunning features. What is the difference between Premast Templates and Premast Plus?
Premast templates is a platform/ marketplace for ready-made presentation designs, structured full templates, single slides, and graphics.
Premast Plus is a plugin that allows you to access design assets inside PowerPoint itself while giving you the ability to build brand kits to use and share your brand assets through a web app.

Do you have a public roadmap so we can know what features to expect in the future?

Yes we have a roadmap that you can check and add sugesstions to it or vote for feature you like, we will really appreciate it, here:

Is payment secure?

Yes, first all your payment data is hosted by our secured partner Paddle and we haven’t any access to this data, also you can pay using your bank card or with PayPal so your payment is secure 100%

Can I resell the templates? Can I use Plus for commercial purposes? Do you have a commercial license?

NO, you can’t resell the templates on Premast templates, but you can use them commercially Please check our license terms on Premast Templates here: For Premast Plus you can use our resources commercially on products that will be sold to multiple clients, But you must ensure that these resources are not the main elements of the design.

How many devices can we install Premast Plus in?

Premast Plus works on (Mac, Windows, and online) You can check out the supported version from this link:
And you can install it on any number of devices you like but you can only log in from three devices at the same time